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What is SumZero?
SumZero is the leading global community for hedge fund and buyside investment professionals with over 8,000 analysts representing nearly every major hedge fund in the industry. The community is part social network, part idea-sharing device, part hedge fund Rolodex. Click here to learn more about SumZero's story.
When do SumZero Elite ideas get released?
As a member of Elite, you will receive two new ideas every calendar month. They generally will not be posted at the same time. You'll receive an email alert when a new idea has been posted to the site.
How are Elite ideas selected?
Members of the core SumZero community peer rate thousands of ideas every year. Using a proprietary filter, the absolute highest-rated value content is then identified by the SumZero team. Ideas are ultimately selected based on timeliness and appropriateness for the Elite community. Many others are passed over.
What happens when an Elite Idea is closed?
When an Elite contributor chooses to close out a particular stock, coverage of that stock will officially end in SumZero Elite. In such an event, the SumZero team will generate a Special Alert to bring this action to your attention so you can make the appropriate decision for yourself.
What are the Live Discussions?
Once a month, the SumZero team will facilitate a live, online discussion between our members and one of that month's Elite contributors. These discussions will take the shape of a question and answer format and, as users, you will be able to submit your questions live. The SumZero team kindly asks that you carefully review this service's Terms of Use before joining the discussion.
What if I can't participate in the Live Discussion?
If you're unavailable for the scheduled time and date of the Live Discussion, please forward your questions in advance to We will do our best to have it answered during the discussion. Transcripts of all past discussions will exist on the site under the "Discussions" tab.
How come my question wasn't asked during the Live Discussion?
For legal reasons, the SumZero team has to carefully screen every question before posting it into the community discussion interface. If the question is OK to ask, we will make every attempt to answer it in the time allotted.
When will I get Elite Updates?
Regular Updates are released once a week via email. In the event of significant volatility in one or more of the Elite stocks, the team will seek comment from the relevant hedge fund manager and expedite a Special Alert response directly to your inbox.
What are the Supporting Documents?
Often the Elite contributors will attach supporting documents to their write-up. Generally, these documents consist of valuation models, deeper research, investor presentations and other similar pieces of content to greater support the author's thinking. They can be downloaded and viewed through Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe.
What is the SumZero Archive?
The SumZero team highlights and distributes high-value content within its community and has been doing so for several years now. SumZero Elite members can access this content library through the Archive area of the site. Please explore these ideas at your leisure. These ideas, however, are not part of our Elite selection process and thus are not official pieces of this product's content.

Your Membership

How long does my membership to Elite last?
SumZero Elite is a monthly membership that starts on the day of your purchase and ends one month from that day.
How can I renew my membership?
Unless otherwise directed, your membership will automatically renew every month using the information you supplied to SumZero's trusted payment processor, Braintree. If you wish to cancel your account at any time, please click here.
Do I get access to
No. SumZero Elite is a separate membership and a separate product. is intended strictly for those individuals who are buyside investment professionals. If you believe you qualify under that criteria, please email us directly at

Your Account

How do I cancel my membership?
If you wish to end your membership with SumZero Elite, you may do so here.
How do I get a refund?
If you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days of membership, SumZero Elite will refund your entire subscription fee and you will not be billed again. After your first 30 days, you may cancel your membership at any time and you will not be billed again. However, after you enter a month of subscription access, you will be charged and your access will end the following month.