Zeroed-In: The Market at a Glance, 05/27/2020

By: KS Anthony | Published: May 27, 2020 | Be the First to Comment

Wednesday May 27, 2020.

HBO Max Launches, But Two Platforms Get Left Behind

HBO’s long-awaited HBO Max, which bundles thousands of hours of additional content into a new streaming platform, will leave Roku (ROKU: US) and Amazon (AMZN: US) Fire TV users waiting a little while longer. While the new service/app is available on a variety of devices and platforms including iOS, Android, Xbox One,PlayStation 4, Apple TV, and Chromecast,CNET reports that the AT&T (T: US)-owned cable powerhouse has yet to come to an agreement with those two companies. Those terrified of losing access to Succession can rest easy: HBO Now and HBO Go are still available and unaffected (we checked).

For more check out “The Frontlines of the Streaming Wars:”

Boeing Announces Layoffs
In a move bound to add pressure to the ever-increasing economic devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Boeing (BA: US) announced today that it would lay off more than 6000 workers starting this week. The Hill reports that 2500 Seattle-area workers have already accepted voluntary layoff packages. In the wake of that announcement, CNBC reported late this morning that CEO Dave Calhoun has made it clear that more bloodletting is forthcoming. “Following the reduction-in-force announcement we made last month, we have concluded our voluntary layoff (VLO) program,” Calhoun wrote in a note to employees. “And now we have come to the unfortunate moment of having to start involuntary layoffs (ILO). We’re notifying the first 6,770 of our U.S. team members this week that they will be affected.”

Squawk Boxing

This is better seen than described, so we present it here for your edification. CNBC has yet to release it on YouTube, but the intro from The Hill adds context.

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