About SumZero

The SumZero Story

In April of 2008, Divya Narendra launched SumZero with a simple, but revolutionary goal: to fundamentally change the way the hedge fund industry behaved.

Hedge funds have traditionally been highly secretive firms, rarely sharing tips, strategies and ideas. In the small number of cases they did actually cooperate, they only did so amongst a very close-knit group of fellow hedge funds. This is and was part of their appeal. But Divya recognized that this required many analysts, across many funds to duplicate research on individual firms, broad industries, and even entire markets. With just a little bit of cooperation, much could be gained for the entire group.

What was needed was a platform where hedge funds could collaborate openly for the first time in a secure environment. SumZero (literally the opposite principle of zero sum bargaining from game theory) was born with that purpose. Since then, SumZero has grown to be the leading information and data sharing platform for hedge fund analysts and portfolio managers.

Today, over 8,000 buyside professionals are members of SumZero, representing nearly every major hedge fund. SumZero members share thousands of investment ideas each year, making SumZero the world's only living and breathing source for hedge fund investment research.

Divya Narendra, co-founder of SumZero and its CEO, graduated from Harvard College in 2004. While at Harvard, Divya founded ConnectU, a predecessor to Facebook, a concept and event depicted in the Hollywood block-buster The Social Network. After Harvard, Divya worked at a leading hedge fund, Sowood Capital, as an analyst himself.

SumZero is 'for the hedge fund community, by the hedge fund community.” SumZero's vision is to grow its core community to tens of thousands of hedge fund analysts globally, sharing thousands of their highest conviction investment recommendations each year.

What started out as a simple mission to improve the way information was being shared across hedge funds now has the potential to revolutionize an entire multi-billion dollar industry’s ideology and behavior.