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SumZero has been beyond helpful to my hedge fund career, giving me the exposure that eventually led me directly into not one, but two hedge fund jobs. For anyone who works on the buyside, if you can post your ideas on SumZero, I highly encourage you to do so as it's an increasingly competitive investment in your personal brand. As loyal and grateful as I am to Wharton, I have often said that SumZero has done more for my hedge fund career than my MBA ever did. I simply cannot thank you guys enough for this and for giving me the chance to compete for eight years in the world's biggest, most legit online community of hedge fund investors.
– Analyst at $10B Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

Why SumZero?

Why SumZero?

Research By the Buyside. For the Buyside.

SumZero Buyside’s research is published exclusively by professional investors. No day traders, no sell-side analysts, 100% quality, peer-reviewed research from professionals at legitimate Buyside funds.

  • Access to Thousands of Buyside Ideas

    SumZero’s research database is 100% comprised of actionable, peer-reviewed, long-form research from members of the hedge fund, mutual fund, and private equity fund analyst community. Research is 100% transparent, including analyst name, fund name, and disclosure status.

  • In-Depth Analysis on Actionable Ideas

    Research reports in SumZero are forward-looking with defined price targets, expected timeframes, valuation discussion, risk analysis, and catalyst review.

  • Either Post or Pay For Access

    Unable to post firm research? Switch to a read-only license to access the research database and skip the posting requirement. A popular option for large funds and asset allocators.

Steven Wood, Founder/PM, GreenWood Investors
SumZero has been a fantastic platform for us to differentiate our fund by the quality of the ideas our process generates, as the transparency into each key position allows prospective investors to both understand how we research and execute investments, and holds us accountable to past decisions. We can’t think of a better way to promote transparency in the industry than by having access to our key investment decisions over time
– Steven Wood

Founder/PM, GreenWood Investors

SumZero research reports are in-depth and actionable.
Intuitive filters let you find exactly the research you need.

Find Exactly What You Need

No noise. SumZero brings unprecedented clarity to the research discovery process with powerful, robust, and comprehensive filtering.

  • Custom Filters and Searches

    Find the research that matters to you. Identify ideas with an extensive range of metrics including Market Cap, P/E, EV/EBITDA, as well as filters for catalysts, region, sector, and situation.

  • Email Alerts and Saved Searches

    Save a search and let new research that matches your criteria be delivered directly to your email the moment it's published.

Taylor Mann, Founder/PM, Pine Capital Partners
One of the best characteristics about SumZero is not only the transparency but the users in general - and thus, the exclusivity - I have yet to reach out to someone who didn't reply within a few hours and offered to get on the phone and tell me everything. Prior to joining this platform, I had such a bad taste in my dealings with users from other mediums; this platform really changed the way I perceive the industry, and if anything, it gave me the confidence to speak with people that I otherwise would have assumed would've never responded - much less act like as an open book and offer a lending hand - you just don't get that anywhere else, not even close.
– Taylor Mann

Founder/PM, Pine Capital Partners

Excerpts From SumZero Research

As the company is continuously buying back stock at the current depressed share price, the earnings accretion drives the P/E down to ~12x. This is at discount of 10%-15% to the high quality names in the tobacco sector, which is a very significant de-rating from the historic premium of ~4 multiple points. If we were to exclude that from operating earnings the discount is ~20%. — Founder/PM at $150M London-Based Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund
Off-balance sheet liabilities mostly relate to aging populations with the future holding a much greater demand for pension and welfare payments to older citizens as well as greater demands for healthcare. Under-investment in infrastructure is another way governments have been postponing expenditure. Bailouts of banks is another iceberg that can cause a shipwreck, with Ireland’s government debt to GDP ratio going from 44.5% to 121.7% in four years primarily as a result of poor lending and bank bailouts. — Founder/PM at $40M Sydney-Based Distressed Credit Hedge Fund
These changes in demand have not occured as rapidly as expected. Extensive channel checks with suppliers in a dozen different countries, done in the last week, showed that demand did not slow in the 3rd quarter, though it has begun to slow very slightly in the fourth, with suppliers in Italy expecting it to pick up with the renewal of rebates in January. — PM at $275M NY-Based Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund
42% of SAFM’s COGS are feed costs comprised of 75% corn, 25% soy meal. A $1.00/bushel decline in corn price adds $100mm of operating income for SAFM. (However, on the risk side, a $1.00/bushel rise in corn prices also detracts $100M in opinc. Keep in mind this leverage when considering this idea.) — PM at $1T+ California-Based Credit Mutual Fund
Chorus undertakes a dilutive equity issue to provide additional head room under its debt covenants. Chorus has ruled out an equity issue until the regulator's decision is given in April 2015. The market had been concerned that a distressed equity raising may be possible but that risk has now been eliminated due to the extension of debt facilities including relaxation of key covenants. It is still possible that the company may wish to raise equity if the regulatory decision is positive in April and the stock prices rallies to more attractive levels. — Senior Analyst at $80M Hong Kong-Based Event Driven Hedge Fund
In terms of a potential take-out, a larger driller like Ensco (ESV), Noble (NE), Transocean (RIG), or Seadrill (SDRL) would be attracted to VTG b/c of its newer fleet, the ability to refinance the high-cost leverage at much lower rates, and a fleet that is already working instead of waiting 3yrs for a newbuild. Further, as MLPs are formed (have SDLP and RIG likely to announce one in 2014), these new entities should trade at higher multiples and thus be able to make acquisitions accretive more easily - better buyers and new class of potential buyers. — Analyst at $4.5T NY-Based Asset Manager

Discover the Fund Industry's Top Alpha Generators

SumZero offers the world's only buyside analyst performance rankings system. Our proprietary Rankings algorithm examines the returns of individual investment recommendations made by thousands of fund analysts/PMs since 2008, and then identifies the individuals that have most consistently beat the market.

  • Objective, Skill-Based Methodology

    Rankings brings recognition to the most consistent alpha generators on the buyside using a methodology that is agnostic to pedigree, AUM, or seniority. Consistent benchmark out-performance on multiple recommendations is what you need to climb the Rankings ladder.

  • Open Eligibility/Visibility

    All SumZero Buyside members are eligible to get ranked on SumZero after submitting a minimum number of research ideas. Rankings lists are updated each month. All Buyside and Allocator members can access Rankings for free.

  • Multiple Best-in-Class Categories

    SumZero Rankings cover a variety of standard and proprietary categories, including: Long/Short, All-Time, LTM, Strategy, and many more.

Discover the Industry's Top Alpha Generators. * Example of rankings page. Names and Funds in this example image are not intended to be real.
Build your profile on SumZero and access hundreds of hedge fund jobs.

Exclusive Buyside Job Opportunities

SumZero is the next step in buyside networking. Research you contribute on SumZero is tracked on a performance basis and allows you to build an independent track record.

When you’re ready to go after a new position, SumZero has a dedicated full-time recruiting staff ready to leverage the performance of your work on the site.

  • Hundreds of Buyside Jobs

    More meaningful than just a resume and cover letter – SumZero gives you the added benefit of sending your top-performing research reports on the site along with your application directly to hiring managers at top global firms.

  • Dedicated Full-Time Recruiting Staff

    Not your average recruiters. Our experienced staff works with hundreds of hiring managers and knows how to leverage your expertise to get results. Whatever your career goals, SumZero can help you reach them.

SumZero has been a critical component in my job search. I had interviews with prominent hedge funds that I never would have had the chance to interview with. It's been a great experience all around.

– Analyst at $6B Event Driven Hedge Fund

Know What You’re Worth...for Free

Are you making as much as your peers in the industry? Learn what fund professionals of all types earn with our 100% anonymous Compensation database, free to all members.

  • See What Your Peers Are Earning

    Smartly segmented by salary, bonus structure, carry, and other bonuses, as well as job title, location, experience, and several other metrics to give you a reliable picture for whatever role you’re curious about.

  • 100% Anonymous

    When you contribute your compensation, it can never be traced back to your name or your employer. The Compensation database is the only anonymous database on SumZero.

See what your peers are making with our industry compensation database.
Create the full picture of your fund on SumZero's cap intro platform and access the SumZero network of capital allocators.

A Better Way To Raise Capital

Tired of constantly explaining and re-explaining the details of your fund to disinterested or unqualified investors? SumZero’s Cap Intro program puts the essential information of your fund in front of hundreds of pre-qualified institutional allocators in a passively managed, reverse-solicitation format. From returns to firm references to investor letters to your proprietary research on SumZero, all your materials are neatly contained in one protected page.

  • Pitch Your Fund Efficiently

    Show allocators why your fund is different. Remove barriers to your documents and data, and present the full picture of your expertise, process, performance, and infrastructure.

  • Get Introduced

    Experience broad exposure to a high-quality group of investors that are actively allocating to funds and can radically change the future of yours. Get matched with capital allocators who reach out to you based on the quality of your fund's page.

Stormy Scott - President & COO, Banbury Partners
SumZero was able to introduce us to high-caliber investors, and to generate feedback on our business from a wide swath of credible allocators in a short period of time. I’d highly recommend any new fund contemplating a launch to use SumZero’s capital introduction services.
– Stormy Scott

President & COO, Banbury Partners

For Allocators: No More Bad First Dates

Finding a good fund is calls with fund managers can be exhausting and your inbox is often flooded with spam. SumZero Allocator was custom-built to address the needs of institutions looking to find unique funds which match the particulars of all investment mandates without adding to the problem.

  • Filter by Funds that Matter to You

    Browse and view hundreds of funds on the SumZero Cap Intro platform. Remove friction from the due diligence process with unrestricted access to all documents. Passively track, filter, and create email alerts for funds of all types.

  • Privacy Matters

    You are guarded from spam. Your name and contact information are never displayed on the site, and never made available to members without your explicit permission. SumZero Cap Intro is a reverse-solicitation database.

We have been very impressed with the quality and pedigree of the investors on the SumZero platform. The capital raising process is inherently inefficient for both investors and fund managers and the SumZero platform addresses specific challenges for both sides. We have found the platform to be very productive in establishing a dialogue with emerging manager investors.
– Jeff Knupp

Former COO, Cloud Gate Capital

View hundreds of funds on SumZero's Cap Intro platform and only work with ones that are the best fit for your organization.
“It’s pretty amazing that before you even meet the manager, I’ve already done all the background research. It makes my job a lot more efficient. It saves me a lot of time.”
— Analyst, $400M NY-Based Hedge Fund of Funds via Bloomberg’s Full Review of SumZero Allocator
Ian Clark, Founder/Managing Partner, Dichotomy Capital
I am very impressed with the SumZero Cap Intro platform. We've had several in-person interviews with prospective investors since joining the platform. The interactions are far better than other cap intro platforms we have tried in the past. As an emerging manager, I value my partners above all else. SumZero has done an excellent job bringing on institutions who are interested in my long-term success.
– Ian Clark

Founder/Managing Partner, Dichotomy Capital

Daniel Lawrence - Founder/Managing Partner, Elmrox Investment Group
SumZero cap intro is an innovative platform that is leveling the play field for emerging managers and allocators. Nick, Divya and their team have taken feedback from both LPs and GPs to produce a valued-added service that has a high return on time for all parties, resulting in greater transparency and efficiency through the entire process.
– Daniel W. Lawrence

Founder/Managing Partner, Elmrox Investment Group

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