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About SumZero

SumZero is the world's largest community of investment professionals working with the industry’s most prominent hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity funds. With more than 16,000 pre-screened professionals collaborating on a fully transparent platform, SumZero provides direct access to thousands of proprietary investment reports every year and fosters on-going communication within the network.

SumZero was founded by Divya Narendra (former co-founder of ConnectU) with the intent of changing the way professional investors shared information. The site is a reciprocity-based platform, meaning that members are required to share certain pieces of information in order to draw from the intellectual product of thousands of fellow SumZero members. In addition to accessing highly-differentiated investment research, the platform further enables members to build a track record, expand their networks in highly-relevant places, and identify further professional opportunities within the industry.

SumZero offers several ancillary services in support of our research platform. These services include capital introduction, buy-side career placement, media placement and more.

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