SumZero Partners

  • Barron's

    SumZero is pleased to partner with Barron's on a weekly collaborative column, the View from the Buyside. Articles are inspired by published recommendations on SumZero, and are editorialized for the online magazine on

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  • FactSet

    SumZero is pleased to partner with FactSet on the SumZero Gardening Leave Challenge, a multi-firm research initiative designed to get unemployed buyside professionals directly in front of funds looking for new talent. The Challenge leverages eligible members' best ideas, and offers meaningful assistance by setting up meetings/interviews with top funds. FactSet is committed to supporting all investment professionals with top-class tools/information throughout their careers.

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  • Sohn Conference Foundation

    SumZero partners globally with the Sohn Conference Foundation to market the Foundation's investment conferences and promote its mission. The Foundation is proud to offer tickets to its events for winners of SumZero's research contests. The Sohn Conference Foundation is dedicated to supporting innovative initiatives to cure and treat pediatric cancer and other childhood diseases. Identifying specific areas of need, the Foundation funds groundbreaking research, state-of-the-art technology, and programs to target cures and improve patient care.

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  • HedgePort Associates

    SumZero is pleased to partner with the longest operating outsourced C-suite solution, HedgePort Associates, who help make it easier and more cost effective for fund managers and family offices to start and operate their funds and businesses. Whether you are starting a new fund, lifting out from an existing institution, or expanding your platform, HedgePort offers complete accounting (CFO), compliance (CCO), technology (CTO), operations (COO), marketing (CMO) and risk management services to managers, to guide and support you as you build your business.

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  • Canalyst

    SumZero is excited to partner with Canalyst, a fast-growing technology firm founded to modernize the equity research function on both the buyside and sellside. Canalyst brings research and technology together with an unparalleled level of commitment to accuracy and exceptional focus on clients' needs and goals. The Canalyst Equity Model Database offers coverage on 3600+ equities, and is the most complete source of fundamental research on North American public companies.

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