Top Ranked Manager Finds Value In European Small Caps

Published: May 23, 2018

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Cobia Capital

Jeff Meyers founded Cobia Capital, a value oriented long/short equity fund in 2008.  In the decade since, Meyers has carved out a niche and reputation for himself unmatched within the small cap technology space.  He has consistently been one of th...

Why Bill Ackman Will Salvage Pershing Square

Published: May 18, 2018

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Center for Jewish History

I highly doubt the reputational damage is permanent. It is certainly not something that a couple of strong years of returns wouldn’t cure and Ackman has a pretty good long-term batting average. The brevity of investor memory will allow the recen...

Netflix Defanged? Why this Hedge Fund Thinks So

Published: May 17, 2018

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Wikimedia Commons // Netflix

As a deep value investor, Netflix sticks out like a sore thumb. Their valuations are incredibly high, I believe most of their performance has come from momentum and due in large part because they are grouped into the “FANG” stocks. Also, Netflix ...

Van Biema Ex-US Contest Finalists Announced

Published: May 10, 2018

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Van Biema Value Partners

Van Biema Value Partners, a family office and investment adviser specializing in identifying, vetting, and investing in small, value-oriented hedge funds, and legendary value investor Chuck Royce are pleased to announce the (5) Finalists in the re...

Middleburg over Midtown? How Akre Capital Outperforms

Published: April 26, 2018

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Akre Capital Management

Saberhagen: Lots of people want to compare “value” against “growth” but we would make a different distinction, between “investing” and “speculating.” Investing is about valuing businesses. You can value a business if it is public or private. So in...

Are Dropship Businesses Amazon's Achilles Heel?

Published: April 14, 2018

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Wikimedia Commons // Davis Turner Photos

In recent months, President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that Amazon exhibits monopolistic tendencies.  The jury is out as to whether this is the case, but Amazon certainly monopolizes ecommerce news.

SumZero CEO Divya Narendra's take on Facebook

Published: March 22, 2018

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FB is one of the most widely watched stocks in the world, which is no surprise given its ~$525BN market cap. But as is often the case, investors neglect large opportunities that present themselves in plain sight. As someone who has owned FB shares...