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  • SumZero Zeroed In, April 5 2022

    Published: April 05, 2022

    An article in the Wall Street Journal this Wednesday touched on Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) and the e-commerce company’s announcement that it will be entering the commercial space market. The company plans to launch thousands of commercial satellites to provide broadband internet access globally and t...

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  • Sea Ltd. Poised for Growth in a Surging Internet Economy

    Published: November 12, 2019

    SumZero responds to investor buzz around Sea Ltd. and a spate of research on the name in recent weeks. With marquee stakeholders like Tiger Global and Sachem Head and positive company guidance on the firm's e-commerce and gaming sectors, Sea shows no signs of slowing down.

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  • 'The Deal' Has Been Corrupted

    Published: December 17, 2018

    Today I am honored to be joined by Mr. Charles Honey, a Partner and Portfolio Manager at the Richmond, Virginia-based investment manager Private Advisors. Honey helps oversee nearly $5B in firm assets comprised of both single-securities and third-party investment managers, many of whom fall into ...

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  • Private Equity in Public Markets. Hunting 3x's in 5 Years.

    Published: October 16, 2018

    Jeremy Kahan and his brother Michael co-founded North Peak Capital following careers in finance. They both attended Harvard Business School, Michael after a bachelor’s from Harvard College, and Jeremy after a bachelor’s at Yale. Their fund employs a novel strategy that matches their backgrounds...

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  • Why Taser Stock Could Have Shocking Upside

    Published: March 13, 2018

    Axon Enterprises (formerly TASER International) is best known for the electroshock weapons it near monopolistically provides to police departments internationally. Axon has recently diversified into the growing police body camera segment with a line of body cameras that they are offering free (...

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  • These Are the Top Stocks for 2018

    Published: January 24, 2018

    The SumZero Top Stocks for 2018 PDF has arrived. This PDF contains 15 actionable research ideas from the SumZero community of over 15,000 buyside fund professionals. Selections were determined by a panel of over 40 senior fund professionals and asset allocators.

    The Top Stocks report is design...

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  • How to Approach Tech Investing from a Value Perspective

    Published: November 08, 2017

    Many people think value investing and technology investing are mutually exclusive. As the most visible technology stocks sport high multiples, some investors assume that is the case for the entire sector, while value investing is linked to more mundane industries like manufacturing and financials

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  • Announcing Finalists in the van Biema Small Cap Challenge

    Published: April 20, 2017

    van Biema Value Partners, an investment adviser specializing in identifying, vetting, and investing in small, value-oriented hedge funds, and legend Chuck Royce are pleased to announce the Finalists in the recently completed van Biema Value Partners Small-Cap Challenge. The initiative was designe...

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  • Apple: The Next Trillion Dollar Company?

    Published: July 22, 2016

    Ever since legendary business magnate Carl Icahn sold his Apple shares earlier this year, many investors lost faith in the company’s future and withheld from taking a position in the tech giant. But history shows that following the herd mentality, even if propagated by someone as prophetic as Ica...

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  • Catching all of Nintendo’s Value with Pokémon Go

    Published: July 13, 2016

    Which newly released app already boasts more users than Tinder, has seen its theme song’s streaming jump 362% on Spotify, and is featured on 7 of Snapchat’s 25 “Discover” stories? Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few days, you already know the answer: Pokémon Go.

    Since its li...

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  • Should You Be in LinkedIn?

    Published: May 02, 2016

    Today LinkedIn announced a merger deal with Microsoft in which the professional network will be acquired for $196/share cash. The transaction is expected to close at the end of this year. SumZero did a quick follow up with Selective Wealth Management PM Chris Devlin who originally pitched LNKD on...

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  • “Wii Would Like to Invest in Nintendo”

    Published: February 11, 2016

    Joshua Kennedy of Sonian Capital Management has earned an impressive 25% avg. total return across 14 ideas on SumZero. His latest thesis, a long on struggling game giant Nintendo (7974:JP), quickly captured a 98% peer-rating, and focuses on a market where Kennedy has demonstrated consistent analy...

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  • Predicting the Descent of Ascent Capital and Monitronics

    Published: September 18, 2015

    Home security business Ascent Capital Group (ASCMA:US) reported 3Q earnings recently, which catalyzed an immediate 22% sell-off in the stock. Cardo Capital, the fund that originated a March 2015 short recommendation on SumZero and sat down with us for a September Q&A on the subject, continues to ...

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  • Major Updates to "Tesla of China" Short Recommendation

    Published: December 19, 2014

    <em>Karl Richter (Tectonic Investments) whose short recommendation on Kandi Technologies (KNDI:US) was a Finalist in our recent FactSet Best Short competition has provided the community with some timely updates on the pitch below. The stock is currently down 15% since his pitch and the recommenda...

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  • Marchex Case Is a Prelude to Bigger Shorts to Come

    Published: October 02, 2014

    Although I think there could be more downside to the name, it is prudent to book gains given the ~50% return, which at ~$4 per share, which was better than my original $5.2 price target (notably did not include the Allstate loss). Finally, on the long side I wouldn't want to get involved with Mar...

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  • Will the Real Short on Let's Gowex Please Stand Up?

    Published: July 17, 2014

    I first got to know Let's Gowex on July 19, 2013, when the CEO, Jenaro Garcia, came to New York on a sell-side arranged roadshow. Let's Gowex purports to be a global provider of free WiFi hotspots on behalf of municipalities and transit authorities worldwide. Their business model is to provide ci...

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  • Deja Vu: AOL Nears New Growth Inflection Point

    Published: March 19, 2014

    AOL is a deceptively cheap asset which is at an inflection point in all three businesses. The street believes EBITDA growth will be half of last year and misses key value catalysts. I believe the company will emerge in the next six months as a growth asset with a stable legacy business with signi...

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  • Massive Secular Tailwinds Drive Big Value in NCR

    Published: March 06, 2014

    I believe there are several catalysts which will allow long-term shareholders to realize value in the stock over the medium term. An improvement in product mix towards high margin software sales should lead to the bottom line outgrowing revenue. Additionally, the company will benefit in the futur...

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  • Oracle Is Misunderstood and Fully Mispriced

    Published: October 04, 2013

    Oracle is a great company at a great price. As management continues to return their $14bn in free cash flow to shareholders in the coming years the stock should re-rate materially higher. Attached is a write-up that is intended as a high-level overview of the company and discussion of why the sto...

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  • The PC Is Not Dead; Therefore Intel Is a Buy

    Published: October 15, 2012

    Since there are nearly 7B people on the planet, there is still room for growth. If there were only one PC in every household, the installed base would be somewhere in the 2-3B range, a 30%-100% increase over the very long term. If Intel is able to continue selling chips for ~$200 per unit at 30% ...

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  • Yahoo! Initiates Private Equity Strategy

    Published: September 25, 2012

    While I do not typically peddle Eric Jackson's commentary, I thought he put out a good note on Yahoo! the other day regarding the hiring of Jackie Reses. He believes she brings a private equity mindset to the Company, and will prove instrumental in Marissa Mayer's turnaround strategy:

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  • Update on $4 Facebook Short Thesis

    Published: September 06, 2012

    Facebook shares sank after BMO Capital analyst Daniel Salmon wrote that many advertisers appear to be reducing the amount of money they're spending on the website. Two out of every three advertisers contacted by Salmon divulged information that was negative for the stock, the analyst wrote.

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  • Yahoo! Is on Track to Reach $38 (Or More)

    Published: August 22, 2012

    Since Third Point first disclosed its position in September 2011, three key overhangs in Yahoo! stock– lack of strategic direction, dysfunctional Board of Directors and unsubstantiated Alibaba valuation – have been addressed, two of which were the direct result of Third Point’s involvement (the s...

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  • Exclusive with Fund Manager Chris Karlin (Aquitania Capital)

    Published: June 07, 2012

    <em>Chris Karlin</em>: The most compelling opportunities right now in my opinion are in Japan and Korea. I am finding plenty of companies in those markets with solid balance sheets, a track record of profitability and high free cash flow yields that are priced well below liquidation value. While ...

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  • SumZero vs. Wall Street: (NYSE: CRM)

    Published: May 31, 2012

    "In we see a hyped company operating in an increasingly commoditized segment that is trying to maintain high levels of top line growth at any cost. So far it has achieved that by competing aggressively on price and adding revenue through acquisitions.

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  • Why Xerox (NYSE: XRX) Needs to Recapitalize

    Published: May 29, 2012

    While the investment thesis is attractive on a stand-alone basis, I believe the “low-growth” nature of the business and the paltry dividend yield leave the stock in “equity mandate no-man’s land” with the potential for an extended period of “dead money”. “Growth” investors are uninspired and “val...

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  • Featured Call: Long Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Shares

    Published: May 17, 2012

    MSFT trades at 8.8x 2012 earnings ex-cash vs. 12.9x for the S&P despite far better EPS growth, margin stability, shareholder payouts, and a AAA balance sheet. 70% of profits are from corporate end markets, where MSFT’s firmly entrenched software will benefit from the corporate PC refresh cycle an...

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  • Bearish Call on Garmin (Nasdaq: GRMN) Shares

    Published: May 17, 2012

    Garmin (Nasdaq: GRMN) is a maturing consumer electronics business. The market’s optimistic view will change as Garmin fails to meet lofty growth expectations. In 12-18 months, this stock will be worth $25, implying 2012E FCF yield of 10.7% and 2012E EV/NOPAT of 10.5x. TomTom, Garmin’s closest pub...

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  • Contrary Call: Go Short Zynga Shares

    Published: April 26, 2012

    I like to think of Zynga as an oil company. It has a large collection of assets (games) that are either growing through new discovery or depleting due to use. Although as the OMGPOP acquisition shows, digital assets can deplete much more rapidly than an oil field.

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  • Quick Pitch: Long on Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL)

    Published: September 11, 2012

    Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL)
    Current Price: $15.40
    Target Price: $20.00
    Recommendation: Long
    Source: Hedge Fund. Boston, MA.

    Marvell is a great semiconductor company with strong IP which has been hammered due to exposure to HDD, RIMM as well as the effects of an earthquake and massive f...

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  • Contrary Call: Sell Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)

    Published: September 11, 2012

    Contributor: John Griffin
    Title: Portfolio Manager
    Firm: Wildehond Capital
    Location: New York, NY
    Notable Stock Expertise: ZLC, CVS, GME

    Undergrad: Colby College
    Post Grad: Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

    Recommendation: Short
    Timeframe: 6 Months to 1 Year
    Recent Price: $630.00

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  • Quick Pitch: Long on Dell (Nasdaq: DELL)

    Published: September 11, 2012

    <em>(This is a highly-abbreviated version of a full write-up pulled from the SumZero community)</em>

    Source: Hedge Fund
    Location: Dallas, TX

    Recommendation: Long
    Current Price: $17.30
    Target Price: $24.50
    Timeframe: 1-2 Years

    <strong>Quick Thesis:</strong>
    The market still views thi...

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  • SumZero Contrary View: (NYSE: CRM)

    Published: September 11, 2012


    <strong> (NYSE: CRM) -- $143.70</strong>

    <em>(The following information comes directly from SumZero’s community of buyside analysts.) </em>

    Wall Street Consensus on Buy
    11 Strong Buy, 20 Buy, 6 Hold, 0 Underperform, 4 Sell

    Wall Street Price Target
    Mean: $1...

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  • Quick Pitch: NVIDIA (Short)

    Published: September 11, 2012

    NVIDIA -- (Nasdaq: NVDA)
    Recommendation: Short
    Recent Price: $15.90
    Target Price: $11.00

    Source: Hedge Fund
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Overview of the Short</strong>
    NVIDIA has in the last 2-3 years branched out beyond its core graphic processing (GPU) business into producing ...

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  • Aware: Poised for Impressive Under-the-Radar Growth

    Published: September 11, 2012

    SumZero, the leading online community of buyside investment professionals, presents one of its recent highly-rated research reports in partnership with Whitney Tilson's Value Investing Letter.

    The author, Cliff Orr, CFA (Privet Fund Management), is recommending a long position in a $65 million...

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  • SumZero Analysts Dig Into Yahoo!

    Published: September 11, 2012

    <strong>Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO)</strong>

    <strong></strong><em>(The following information comes directly from SumZero’s community of buyside analysts.)</em>

    SumZero Analysts Following Yahoo!: 37
    SumZero Investment Reports on Yahoo!: 4

    <strong>SumZero Community Sentiment:</strong>
    <em> <st...

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