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    SumZero's Best of 2014 Research Report

    Published: January 06, 2015

    SumZero's <em>Best of 2014</em>, an annual report highlighting selected ideas submitted to the SumZero platform over the 2014 calendar year, is now available via the link below. This report features 17 exceptional pieces of research chosen from a pool of nearly 1,500 reports uploaded to the SumZe...

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    Will the Real Short on Let's Gowex Please Stand Up?

    Published: July 17, 2014

    I first got to know Let's Gowex on July 19, 2013, when the CEO, Jenaro Garcia, came to New York on a sell-side arranged roadshow. Let's Gowex purports to be a global provider of free WiFi hotspots on behalf of municipalities and transit authorities worldwide. Their business model is to provide ci...

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