Quality Guidelines & Key Acceptance Criteria

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This document sets a common standard for research on SumZero. We ask that members familiarize themselves with the community’s expectations before posting research on the site.

All ideas posted on SumZero are evaluated for quality before being approved for publication. Our evaluation process is broadly summarized below.

Key Tenets of SumZero Research

Research on SumZero stands apart from sell-side research and independent research in these key ways:

Required Thesis Sections

All theses must contain substantive discussion on each of the following topics to be accepted:

Strongly Preferred Thesis Sections

The following sections are strongly preferred for ideas on SumZero:

Key Acceptance Criteria for SumZero Research

Key Rejection Criteria

Disclaimer: Opinion vs. Quality of Opinion

We do not expect to agree with all members’ recommendations. SumZero is a diverse community of sophisticated professionals, and the community is capable of making up its own mind when it comes to the merits of any argument presuming the information is sufficiently well-supported. The operative question we ask is “Is the research thorough enough and good enough to deserve to be read?” Our standards are designed to evaluate the quality of arguments made, the depth of analytical effort, and the extent to which an analyst presents independent support of his/her rationale. They are not designed to qualify others’ opinions.

Approved ideas must meet and exceed a certain minimum in terms of quality. Those that fall short will be rejected by our dedicated QA team before publication.

Useful Stats:

Additional Comments/Questions

If you have further questions about SumZero research standards and/or posting your ideas on the site, please contact the SumZero team at access@sumzero.com.