The Out of Print Book Hedge Funds Pay Thousands For

By: SumZero Staff | Published: May 25, 2018 | Be the First to Comment

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As the world's largest network of buyside investment professionals, SumZero has a breadth of data on the hedge fund industry. One of the optional pieces of information that SumZero members can include on their membership profiles is their favorite investment book. We decided to compile our data and tabulate which books were the most popular.

The favorite by an overwhelming majority?: Seth Klarman's 'Margin of Safety'. Klarman published the book in 1991, a few years after taking the reins at the Baupost Group. It flew off the shelves at a $25 cover price, and soon went out of print. The book now sells for $700-$1200 used, and $2500+ new.

Given the industry's focus on hard to find information, it's unsurprising that 'Margin of Safety' took first place. Coming in second and third after 'Margin of Safety' were Ben Graham's classic 'The Intelligent Investor' and Greenblatt's 'You Can Be a Stock Market Genius'.

Title Author % of users that listed as favorite
Value InvestingBruce C. Greenwald1.96
The Essays of Warren BuffettLawrence Cunningham2.05
Fooling Some of the People All of the TimeDavid Einhorn2.31
Poor Charlie's AlmanackCharlie Munger2.67
Reminiscences of a Stock OperatorEdwin Lefevre3.03
One Up On Wall StreetPeter Lynch3.30
Common Stocks and Uncommon ProfitsPhilip Fisher4.01
Security AnalysisBenjamin Graham and David L. Dodd4.82
The Most Important ThingHoward Marks5.44
You Can Be a Stock Market GeniusJoel Greenblatt6.24
The Intelligent InvestorBenjamin Graham10.53
Margin of SafetySeth Klarman18.29


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