New Roles in SumZero Job Vault (NYC, Boston, London)

By: SumZero Staff | Published: June 22, 2018 | Be the First to Comment

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SumZero’s Job Vault is now hosting over 100 investment professional roles of all seniority levels from 50+ major buyside funds.

What is SumZero’s Job Vault?

The Job Vault is a job listing platform that complements our research database. There are no middlemen/headhunters, no fees, and no smoke and mirrors. When a candidate applies to a position, an application package containing their SumZero profile, most recent research report, and resume and bio are sent directly to the hiring manager. This provides a richer, more descriptive picture of candidates’ investment ability and makes the Job Vault a superior place to recruit and be recruited. Dozens of funds now entrust us with their recruitment needs, and we're actively seeking to expand the platform.

For more information on how the Job Vault works, click here.

See below for a few sample roles:

Analyst | Value Hedge Fund

Boston| $100M-$500M

We are looking for individuals with a proven passion for investing and top-tier analytical skills to expand our investment team. The ideal candidate will possess:

- strong affinity for the deep value investment philosophy
- demonstrable ability to thoughtfully and thoroughly analyze complex investment situations
- prior buy-side experience

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Technology Analyst | Long Only Hedge Fund

San Francisco | $10M-$50M AUM

Analyst will develop understanding of industry trends and identify long-term winners. Research process includes: industry conference, company events and investor day, reading SEC filings, broker reports, and industry sources, etc

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Analyst | Short Biased Hedge Fund

New York City | $50M-$100M AUM

We are hiring a forensic research analyst. The analyst will work with the team and be responsible for generating and developing investment ideas through rigorous primary research methods and assist in the execution of activist campaigns.

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The platform has matured significantly over this year, and is receiving more traffic (both from employers and candidates) than ever. Every month we'll be highlighting some of these roles here and across our social media channels.

Click here to view 100+ open roles on the Job Vault

If you have any questions about the Job Vault, either as a candidate or an employer, don’t hesitate to reach out to


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