Update to SumZero Buyside Posting Terms

By: SumZero Staff | Published: August 03, 2018 | Be the First to Comment

We are proud to announce a material update to SumZero Buyside's posting terms. Approved research ideas now earn 6 months of renewed database access versus the prior standard of 4 months.

For the past 18 months, SumZero has been testing a variety of posting requirements to determine which yielded the best long-term results (2x/year, 3x/year, 4x/year, etc.). We have concluded that the 2x/year model yields the optimal balance of total research volume and membership engagement, and it will be the standard henceforth.

Keeping with tradition, access never accrues, and access is reset with each new post. Members having posted ideas in the last 30 days are included in this update.

Post a New Idea to Get 6 Months of Database Access

Limited exceptions exist for those currently on a Cap Intro or group access agreement. Terms will reset upon expiration of these agreements.

If you're not already a SumZero Buyside member, and are interested in joining the site, apply here.


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