Bison Interests Lands 4th Investment via Cap Intro, $9M from US-based Endowment

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Josh Young joined SumZero in 2015 with less than $10M under management and a focused approach to public energy investing. Since then, Bison Interests LLC has attracted not one but several investments - totaling over $50M - from capital allocators on SumZero's Cap Intro platform.

Young was covered by Bloomberg's Selina Wang in a 2016 article, profiling the team's success marketing their strategy online and ultimately, securing a $20M investment from a top-tier university endowment. In the last three years, the same endowment has re-invested four times in Bison Interests, with this most recent placement of $9M.

Bison Interests describes itself as "an energy investment firm committed to earning outsized returns for investors by remaining
disciplined in their strategy of identifying a dislocation in the marketplace and seizing that opportunity." The firm is based in Houston, TX and currently manages over $100M. Josh Young leads the firm's investment strategy while his co-founder, Carter Higley manages their marketing and fundraising efforts.

A statement from Young & Higley on the recent transaction:

"Bison Interests is the direct beneficiary of SumZero Cap Intro. SumZero orchestrated the initial introduction to
the university endowment in the spring of 2015, further validating the Bison investment strategy and offering an additional measure of credibility to Bison’s efforts."

SumZero is excited to be a part of Bison's growth story. They serve as an excellent case study for the efficacy of Cap Intro - where a small, relatively unknown manager with niche expertise and a replicable investment process can secure institutional capital and build a lasting relationship with that investor.

Congratulations to the Bison Interests team on their well-deserved success thus far. We look forward to continue supporting their growth. Please reach out to for a warm introduction to the Bison team or if interested in listing your fund.

Read the Bison Transaction Report Here


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