Manager Q&A: Building a New Energy Paradigm

By: Avery Pagan | Published: May 18, 2021 | Be the First to Comment

In the first quarter of 2021, renewable energy infrastructure has been at the forefront of US policy and capital expenditures for major US manufacturers like Intel and General Motors.

Biden's infrastructure proposal includes substantial project finance for clean energy developments, wind power technology has become increasingly sophisticated and domesticated, and the largest automakers in the world have pledged capital investments in EV to the tune of $15-85B. All of this to say - renewable energy is here to stay and there are plenty of viable entry points for the active investor.

Walter Nasdeo and Nicholaus Rohelder join us this week to discuss the opportunities, bottlenecks, and policy upside in renewables. Their firm, New American Energy is a pure-play clean energy fund that has been listed on SumZero Cap Intro since October 2020.

Among other insights, we discuss the implications of Biden's climate summit and infrastructure bill, the semiconductor shortage and steep supply chain competition from Asia, and lesser known verticals in renewable energy including hydrogen, ancillary wind turbine parts, and energy storage solutions.

Ultimately, energy infrastructure improvements serve many goals and many industries both traditional and renewable:

"The US grid is a shamble of disparate segments held together with baling wire and kite string. Think back to the blackout of 2004. This rolling event should have been halted at any number of sub-stations but because of the lack of cohesion, was allowed to travel all the way to Canada. Upgrading and modernizing the grid would benefit not only the traditional power producers but would also be a positive for all other grid-connected alternative power producers by establishing better interconnection sites for a smoother, uninterrupted onboarding of electricity. There is also direct funding earmarked for decarbonization initiatives along with new power production."

Please download the PDF below to read the full discussion or contact the SumZero Cap Intro team for warm introductions to the New American Energy team.

Download the Q&A Here


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