$5K Cash Now Goes to the Best Idea Posted on SumZero Each Week

By: SumZero Staff | Published: August 15, 2015 | Be the First to Comment

SumZero, Inc.

Posting your research on SumZero now comes with the chance to win $5K cash, each and every week. We are pleased to announce this new partnership with Interactive Brokers designed to recognize top-quality buyside research and the analysts/PMs behind that effort.

Starting in September, all SumZero Buyside members posting full-length ideas on the research database will be eligible to win a $5K weekly cash prize through the Interactive Brokers Trade of the Week. Together with Interactive Brokers, we are committed to supporting the exchange of differentiated investment research driven by the fund industry's most insightful professionals.

SumZero Founder/CEO Divya Narendra appeared on CNBC's Fast Money on August 17th to formally announce the partnership.
Check out the CNBC clip here.

The Interactive Brokers Trade of the Week Key Details:
  • $5K cash goes to the best idea posted on SumZero Buyside each week until April 2016;
  • All winning ideas are sent to SumZero's entire community of 4K+ funds, and nearly 250 family offices, endowments, FoFs, and foundations;
  • Ideas posted between August 21st and August 28th will be eligible for first prize on September 4th;
  • $130K total purse available. Individuals are eligible for multiple weekly awards;
  • Winners to be determined by peer rankings, liquidity, and overall research quality;
  • Must be a member of SumZero Buyside to submit;
  • All eligible research submissions unlock access to the SumZero research database.
  • Launched in close partnership with Interactive Brokers, a leader in prime brokerage services for small funds;

Who Can Enter?
All current members of SumZero Buyside are eligible to submit their ideas on SumZero, and thus are eligible for the Trade of the Week award. Membership to SumZero Buyside is open to all investment professionals currently working at Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and PE Funds, as well as those individuals with considerable past buyside experience. Members posting on SumZero must have the prior permission of their employer to do so. Prospective members can join SumZero Buyside here: https://sumzero.com/buyside/sign_up.

How Can I Enter?
All full-length ideas posted on SumZero Buyside after August 21st are eligible to win. No separate actions are required. The first Trade of the Week prize will be awarded on September 4th (based on all ideas posted between 8/21 and 8/28). Ideas must be new to SumZero (i.e. they cannot be duplicate posts). Ideas must meet quality standards as set forth by SumZero admins. Buyside members can post through this link: https://sumzero.com/pro/research/ideas/new.

Where Will My Idea Be Featured?
Winners of the Trade of the Week should expect to receive massive exposure within the fund and institutional allocation universes, respectively. All Trade of the Week ideas will be sent to both the SumZero Buyside and the SumZero Allocator communities in their entirety. Access restrictions to winning ideas will be lifted, meaning all approved members will be able to read/download the winning idea regardless of research status.

SumZero Buyside consists of over 12K members, representing nearly 4K global funds, including analysts/PMs at nearly all of the world's largest and most-respected funds. The SumZero Allocator community consists of hundreds of professionals in the manager selection/fund allocation role working at nearly 250 institutional investment firms. These active allocators include Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, Fund of Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Sovereigns, and more.

About SumZero
SumZero is the world’s largest community of investment professionals working at hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity funds. With more than 12,000 pre-screened professionals collaborating on a fully-transparent platform, SumZero fosters the sharing of many thousands of proprietary investment reports every year and offers several ancillary services in support of that effort. These free services include capital introduction services, buyside career placement services, media placement, and more. SumZero’s membership base is represented by analysts and PMs at nearly all of the world’s largest and most prominent investment funds.

Please contact access@sumzero.com with any questions. Be ready to start posting on August 21st for a chance to win $5K every week until April 2016.

SumZero is an online community of professional investors. If you are a professional investor and wish to enter the Interactive Brokers Trade of the Week, join SumZero Buyside through the link below.

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