SumZero and Value Investing Congress Launch Top Idea Challenge

By: SumZero Staff | Published: July 10, 2012 | Be the First to Comment

SumZero and the Value Investing Congress are pleased to announce the 1st Annual Value Investing Challenge, a top idea contest designed to identify compelling ideas and insightful thinkers within the investment management universe.

Starting today, all members of the core SumZero community are invited to submit their ideas to the contest for a chance to present in front of the same audience as high-profile past presenters as David Einhorn and Bill Ackman.

The winner of the Challenge will have the opportunity to present his/her best idea at the upcoming Value Investing Congress in New York City this October, in front of more than 500 of the world’s most respected investors (and 100 financial journalists) from around the globe.

How to Enter
A single, written investment idea is the cost of entry. There are no restrictions on style, strategy, asset class or even geography. All that we require is a 500-word minimum thesis, focusing on a business with at least $300 million in market capitalization. Added preference is given for larger, more liquid ideas.

Challenge submissions will be evaluated by a team of famous value investors with several decades of investing experience between them. More details about the Challenge can be found here.

Want to Enter?
Contestants must be members of SumZero in order to be eligible for entry. Existing members of SumZero who are interested in entering the Challenge as contestants should submit their research to the official contest site at as they normally would in SumZero.

Not a Member of SumZero?
Eligible buyside investors who are curious about joining SumZero should apply for membership via this link before they submit their idea. Note: Current SumZero membership is a requirement for entry.

Get Started Now
The site is live and contestants may begin submitting their ideas today. The contest will end on August 17th and winners will be announced on September 18th.

To submit your idea to the Value Investing Challenge or to learn more about additional prizes, please go directly to


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