Manager Roundtable: A Transformative Moment for U.S. Infrastructure

By: Avery Pagan | Published: April 12, 2021 | Be the First to Comment


On March 31, President Biden outlined the key details of a $2 trillion infrastructure package, which he called a “once-in-a-generation” investment in the country. The American Jobs Plan is designed to roll out in two parts. This first bill earmarks a sizable construction and development budget to the nation’s physical infrastructure - highways, rail, broadband, EV charging stations, energy-efficient housing. The second bill is expected to target “human infrastructure” such as elderly and child care, education, and skills training.

The passage of the proposal would provide a significant boost to direct-impact industries like energy, industrials, and transportation. The plan aims to modernize over 20,000 miles of roadways, retrofit 2 million homes and commercial buildings, improve water systems, trains, and broadband connectivity. For better or worse, the pandemic exposed the most fragile junctures of our existing infrastructures - both physical and human - and the American Jobs Plan endeavors to resolve those.

The package is ambitious, expensive, and full of promises and price tags. To make some sense of the bill itself and discuss the potential impact on tangential industries such as steel, basic materials, transportation, and renewable energy, SumZero gathered a panel of members with relevant expertise to share thoughts and opinions. All featured managers currently contribute research ideas to SumZero Research and many are actively listed on SumZero Cap Intro.

Please download the PDF below to read the full roundtable discussion or contact the SumZero Cap Intro team for warm introductions to any of our featured managers.

Download the Infrastructure Roundtable Here


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