The SumZero Fund Compensation Report

By: SumZero Staff | Published: January 29, 2016 | Be the First to Comment

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Bonus season is here, and SumZero has produced a comprehensive analysis of salary trends in the fund industry.

SumZero maintains an internal, user ­driven compensation database. This database, which launched in 2012, now hosts over 3,500 unique compensation entries. The feature was designed to help verified buyside professionals understand more about norms in comp structures, the relative degree to which their respective incomes are competitive, and help position these individuals for future success.

Like many aspects of SumZero, access to the database is reciprocity driven. Users submit their own comprehensive details on comp to gain access to that detail of their peers. Permissioned users can filter the database on broad variables or construct more personalized scenarios like:

“Show me how much a Senior Analyst covering Industrials with 5­-7 years of experience at a $500mm Hedge Fund in Singapore made in 2015.”

For the purposes of this report, we are focused on broader industry trends, and less so on
granular scenarios.


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