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    Top Stocks for 2020 Challenge Launches December 2nd


    We are pleased to announce the final research initiative of the year: Top Stocks 2020 Contest will be taking place from December 2nd - 16th, 2019 (11:59 PM EST).

    For the fourth year, prime real estate in the Top Stocks PDF report, SumZero's most widely distributed research publication, is ope...

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    How a $10B Family Office Invests in Emerging Managers

    Published: April 03, 2019


    Interview with Ms. Jennifer Heller, the President and Chief Investment Officer of Brandywine Group Advisors, a $10B New York City based family trust advisory firm. The Brandywine team is a long-standing allocator member of SumZero’s Cap Intro program. We reached out to Ms. Heller to learn more a...

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    Pick Your Poison: Leverage, Concentration, or Market Risk

    Published: January 29, 2018


    Interview with Mr. Bill Louis of the New York City and Zurich-based research foundation the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. Through the LICR Fund, Bill helps oversee nearly $1.5B in assets designed to capitalize a major scientific research organization and fuel its future endeavors.

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    Top Stocks for 2019 Challenge Launches December 7th

    Published: November 27, 2018


    We are pleased to announce the final research initiative of the year: the <strong><em>Top Stocks for 2019</em> Challenge</strong>.

    For the third year, prime real estate in the <em>Top Stocks</em> PDF report, SumZero's most widely distributed research publication, is opened up to the most dese...

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    The Great, Undiscovered CEOs Research Challenge

    Published: September 12, 2018


    SumZero is pleased to launch a dedicated research challenge executed in exclusive partnership with a multi-billion New York City-based hedge fund. The Challenge is designed to identify actionable investments led by unsung, but nevertheless outstanding management teams. The participating fund is s...

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    SumZero Ex-US Challenge Launches November 17th

    Published: November 06, 2017

    We are pleased to announce SumZero's first dedicated Ex-US research contest. Starting November 17th, we challenge all eligible SumZero members to submit their best Ex-US ideas across all major sectors, regions, and market caps. Across three regional categories, top-performing Winners/Finalists/Ru...

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    SumZero Launches Challenge for Unemployed Investors

    Published: August 09, 2017


    SumZero announces the second running of the Gardening Leave Challenge, a large, multi-firm research initiative to get members on the sidelines directly in front of funds looking for new talent. In partnership with FactSet and over 35 respected global funds, this research challenge will leverage e...

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    Trading on Brexit and Beyond

    Published: June 24, 2016

    Taylor Mann is not your typical fund manager. The twenty-six year old Texas A&M graduate manages a small fund, Pine Capital, in Larue, Texas (population 160). Also atypical compared with many of the largest funds our there, Mr. Mann makes good trades, previously making a killing shorting the stud...

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    SumZero Releases Member Rankings

    Published: March 15, 2016


    Today SumZero released its new Analyst Rankings feature, which ranks analysts on SumZero according to their past performance. Rankings will be updated monthly for a variety of categories, including Best Short Analyst, Best Analyst of the Last Twelve Months, and of course, <a href=LINK TO MEYE...

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    Hedge Fund Polls: Best Automaker, Best Sector

    Published: February 18, 2016


    The only thing more uncertain than the stock market these days is the crude market. We asked our buyside members where they think prices will bottom out in the near term.

    Oil has been on a volatility streak due to demand concerns from China and supply surpluses from North American shale fracki...

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    Bloomberg Confirms SumZero Cap Intro Drives Institutional Capital

    Published: February 16, 2016


    A new Bloomberg article highlights the power of the SumZero Cap Intro platform to drive institutional exposure (and ultimately large investments of capital) toward the funds who utilize the feature:

    <em>Joshua Young started his hedge fund less than a year ago. Last month, he caught a break whe...

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    The SumZero Fund Compensation Report

    Published: January 29, 2016


    Bonus season is here, and SumZero has produced a comprehensive analysis of salary trends in the fund industry.

    SumZero maintains an internal, user ­driven compensation database. This database, which launched in 2012, now hosts over 3,500 unique compensation entries. The feature was designed t...

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    Do Funds Expect a Market Downturn?

    Published: January 15, 2016


    Amid a downwardly volatile market, everyone in finance has an opinion on what the future may hold. Is this another short term hiccup or the beginning of a much more serious correction?

    SumZero recently asked the 12,000 members of its professional investing community for their sentiments on the...

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    SumZero Top 25 US Colleges by Alumni Investment Performance

    Published: January 14, 2016


    We at SumZero recently documented the performance of over 8,500 individual stock recommendations that were posted on our research platform starting in 2009. These recommendations were initiated by members of our Buyside community, an authenticated group of roughly 12,000 analysts/PMs working at o...

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    70% of the Fund Industry Expects Near-Term Rate Hike

    Published: November 06, 2015


    SumZero recently asked members of its buyside community when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. According to our buyside community, the answer is "soon". 38% said a rate hike will occur this quarter (Q4 2015), 31% said the hike will come the quarter after that, while a 7% and 15% of r...

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    SumZero 2015 Analyst Compensation Report Now Available

    Published: January 22, 2015


    As part of a broader mission to empower the fund professional, SumZero maintains an internal, user-driven compensation database. This database, which launched in 2012, now hosts over 2,600 unique compensation entries. The feature was designed to help verified buyside professionals understand more...

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