Bloomberg Confirms SumZero Cap Intro Drives Institutional Capital

By: SumZero Staff | Published: February 16, 2016 | Be the First to Comment

Josh Young, SumZero/II

A new Bloomberg article highlights the power of the SumZero Cap Intro platform to drive institutional exposure (and ultimately large investments of capital) toward the funds who utilize the feature:

Joshua Young started his hedge fund less than a year ago. Last month, he caught a break when a university endowment handed him $20 million, quintupling his assets under management.

How did an obscure Houston fund called Bison Interests land such a big fish? Young, all of 32, had set up a profile on SumZero, a website that started out as a repository for buy-side research and has more recently morphed into a mashup of LinkedIn and where institutional investors can find up-and-coming fund managers and choose them based on the quality of their analysis.

We are pleased to note that we have received dozens of reports of capital raised/transacted as a result of the platform’s usage. These reports of success are made voluntarily and confidentially and are just a partial representation of tangible value catalyzed by the SumZero Cap Intro feature.

What is SumZero CapIntro?

SumZero Cap Intro is designed to be a passive, reverse solicitation database that fuels high-quality exposure to institutions looking to place capital into a diverse cross-section of funds. This free, 100% compliant feature is offered to all funds on SumZero that are actively raising new capital.

There are over 275 institutional allocators that actively source/diligence fund managers on SumZero via our internal Cap Intro platform. These approved Allocators have open access to research ideas associated with funds that are listed on the platform, and they regularly license access to the broader database as well.

Approved SumZero Allocators include:

$500M+ Single Family Office in Los Angeles
$1B+ Single Family Office in Sao Paolo
$20B+ Foundation in NYC
$300M+ Single Family Office in Sydney
$3B+ Long-Only Fund of Funds in London
$500M+ Single Family Office in Hong Kong
$5B+ University Endowment in the Southeast USA
$500M+ Single Family Office in NYC
$1B+ Hedge Fund of Funds in NYC

The population of investors consuming research on SumZero is getting larger and more sophisticated every day.

SumZero is actively seeking new funds to list on the Cap Intro platform. All funds with interest in listing should email to discuss. Please reach out at your nearest convenience to learn more about how SumZero can help send high-quality, institutional exposure your way. View the platform directly here.

Professionals working at institutional allocator firms that invest in funds (Family Offices, MFOs, FoFs, Foundations, Pensions, etc.) can join SumZero Allocator free here.


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