SumZero Releases Member Rankings

By: SumZero Staff | Published: March 15, 2016 | Read Comments (1)


Today SumZero released its new Analyst Rankings feature, which ranks analysts on SumZero according to their past performance. Rankings will be updated monthly for a variety of categories, including Best Short Analyst, Best Analyst of the Last Twelve Months, and of course, Best All Time. Rankings are calculated to highlight users with the highest risk adjusted returns relative to the market.

Why get ranked? Securing placement on the SumZero Rankings list is a function of being a consistent and effective analyst. Benefits include:

Increased Exposure: Strong performance will drive increased exposure for you, your firm, and your ideas.

Thought-Leadership: Consistent appearances on the Rankings list entitles relevant members to expertise in a given sector, region, or trade type.

Professional Achievement: SumZero is a large community where exceptional performance is acknowledged/rewarded both by peers in the industry, as well as the hundreds of institutional investors using the SumZero platform for fund allocation purposes.

Only the top ranked members on a respective Ranking are displayed publicly. Some members who qualify for a Ranking, but aren't towards the top of it, may be ranked privately. These members will see their own private ranks relative to their peers, but only appear publicly when their position on the list improves.

SumZero will be releasing more rankings soon, including best analysts by market cap focus, sector focus, and more.
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  • Ben Axler March 15, 2016 edit |

    Congrats to Jeff M - well deserved, a true alpha seeker in the small cap tech space

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