The Hunt Begins for the Most Talented Short-Sell Analysts

By: SumZero Staff | Published: August 22, 2014 | Be the First to Comment

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The second leg of the FactSet Top Idea Tournament, a SumZero research contest for buyside professionals, launches on September 8th with Contest #2: Best Short. Members of the buyside community are encouraged to starting prepping their most compelling short-focused investment recommendations for submission into the contest.

Ideas must cover underlying entities with more than USD $500mm in market cap and must be short-sell recommendations. Eligible pitches can cover any region, sector, or asset class. In order to enter, you must be a member of the SumZero buyside community and you must be employed in a research/analysis role at an investment fund. Multiple entries by the same individual are accepted and are eligible for multiple prizes.

We have assembled a phenomenal panel of judges to assist in the process of vetting the ideas, including fund managers like:

Glenn Tongue (Deerhaven Capital Management)
Nehal Chopra (Tiger Ratan Capital)
Quincy Lee (Teton Capital Partners)
Tom Saberhagen (Akre Capital Management)
Zeke Ashton (Centaur Capital Partners)

As well as large, institutional investors like:

MIT Investment Company
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The University of Notre Dame Endowment

Prizes include $160k in cash (up to $56k to one pitch), speaking slots at premier investment conferences, live appearance on CNBC, products from FactSet, and more.

Those who wish to enter the Tournament (and meet our membership criteria) need to join SumZero here:

Those who aren’t eligible for the contest can expect to see some phenomenal internationally-focused research flow through this channel in the near future. For the proper inspiration, please have a look at some of our favorite short pitches published on this blog in the past:

Great short pitches on SumZero headlines:

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* iRobot Short Looks at Accounting Issues, Insider Selling, Industry Hype

* Buffalo Wild Wings Headed for Broken Growth Status

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