Special Situations Ideas Vie for Top Spot in $160k Research Contest

By: SumZero Staff | Published: December 12, 2014 | Be the First to Comment

SumZero, Inc.

The third leg of the FactSet Top Idea Tournament, a SumZero research contest for buyside professionals, launches today, December 12th, with a special situations theme. Investment professional on the buyside are encouraged to enter their best ideas to grab their share of $160k in cash awards, excellent recognition from top fund managers and asset allocators, and free products and licenses from our partners at FactSet Systems.

The rules to enter the contest are as follows: (1) All submissions must focus on entities with more than USD$500mm in equity market cap, (2) All eligible submissions must be tagged on SumZero with at least one of the available catalyst types (see list on the research database), and (3) All catalysts must be targeted for realization within the next 12 months. All sectors, regions, asset classes, and strategies are otherwise eligible.

We have assembled a phenomenal panel of 15 judges to assist in the process of vetting the ideas. They include senior analysts and PMs from top event-driven funds, as well as senior members of Family Offices, Fund of Funds, and University Endowments. Prizes include $160k in cash (up to $56k to one pitch), live appearance on CNBC, products from FactSet, and more.

Those who wish to enter the Tournament (and meet our membership criteria) need to join SumZero here: https://sumzero.com/pro/user_applications/new.

Those who aren’t eligible for the contest can expect to see some phenomenal internationally-focused research flow through this channel in the near future. We encourage eligible fund professionals to join SumZero buyside via the link below.

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