SumZero Ex-US Challenge Launches November 17th

By: SumZero Staff | Published: November 06, 2017 | Be the First to Comment

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We are pleased to announce SumZero's first dedicated Ex-US research contest. Starting November 17th, we challenge all eligible SumZero buyside members to submit their best Ex-US ideas across all major sectors, regions, and market caps.

•Americas (Ex-US)

Judges Panel: 30 Funds/Allocators
30 firms will join the Judges Panel to assess the research submissions and independently vote on Winners. The following firms, representing both global funds and allocating institutions, have agreed to act as Judges, and each will set-up individual meetings with at least one eligible Challenge participant:

-Funds Include
•Sanjay Bakshi, Partner at ValueQuest Capital
•Ashok Jacob, CIO at Ellerston Capital
•Uptal Sheth, CEO at RARE Enterprises
•Sid Choraria, VP at Amiral Research
•Dave Fox, Director of Research at Farnam Investment Management

-Allocators Include
•Protégé Partners
•UCLA Investment Company
•Brown University Investment Office
•Perpetual Private Ltd

The complete list of participating Judges, both Funds and Allocators, is available via the link below.

•(3) One Category Winner will win a 2-year, team-wide (up to 5 seats) research license to SumZero (value of $120k-$180k);
•(6) Two Category Finalists will win a 1-year, team-wide (up to 5 seats) research license to SumZero (value of $60k-$90k);
•(10) Overall Runners-Up will win a 6-month team-wide (up to 5 seats) research license to SumZero (value of $30k-$45k);
•(10) Eligible Funds will win a 1-year listing license on the SumZero Cap Intro platform (value of $5k-$30k);
•All Judges will select at least one eligible member to meet with;
•Featured exposure in the SumZero Buyside and Allocator communities;
•Q&A Interviews on the SumZero blog;
•Major media exposure as available.

•Entrants must be members of the SumZero Buyside community;
•Submissions must focus on securities with Headquarters outside of the US or with 50%+ in derived revenue outside the US;
•All market caps, sectors, asset classes, etc. are eligible;
•US-listed securities (and ADRs) are eligible provided they meet the aforementioned criteria;
•Multiple entries by the same member will be considered and individually vetted;
•Ideas must be new names for the author, and must be accepted for publication. See SumZero's Research Quality Standards for acceptance criteria.

How to Enter/Evaluation Process:
•Submit at least 1 Ex-US research idea to the SumZero research database during the Contest period (Nov 17-28);
•Approved ideas are immediately sent to participating Judges for review and will appear, as normal, on the SumZero site 72-hours following acceptance;
•At the end of the Contest, Judges will independently review ideas and eligible members to determine and vote on Contest winners;
•Each participating Juge will identify at least 1 participating member to meet with;
•Contest Winners/Finalists/Runners-Up will be chosen and announced to the SumZero community.

Key Dates:
November 17th: Contest Opens for Submissions
November 28th: Contest Closes
~December 13th: Winners Announced

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