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    SumZero Hosts Special Situations Event


    Last Tuesday SumZero gathered highly ranked members at Bloomberg Headquarters in Midtown, NYC for liquid refreshment and pitches from three top fund managers on liquid special situation opportunities.

    Peter Lupoff of Tiburon Holdings, Daniel Lawrence of Elmrox Investment Group, and David T...

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    Planet Fitness is a Weak Gym and a Weak Business

    Published: April 01, 2016

    While many who frequent gyms scoff at Planet Fitness as "the gym that serves pizza", according to Ben Axler of Spruce Point Capital in New York, there is also reason to scoff at PLNT:US as an investment. Planet Fitness was able to IPO under the relaxed conditions provided under the Federal JOBS...

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    SumZero Releases Member Rankings

    Published: March 15, 2016


    Today SumZero released its new Analyst Rankings feature, which ranks analysts on SumZero according to their past performance. Rankings will be updated monthly for a variety of categories, including Best Short Analyst, Best Analyst of the Last Twelve Months, and of course,

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    Funds Face Off on Valeant

    Two of SumZero’s most successful and outspoken members, Navi Hehar of Mile 26 Capital in New York and David Trainer of Novo Capital in Nashville, came down on opposite sides of one of the most talked about stocks of the year, Valeant Pharmaceuticals. With highly publicized investigations by the S...

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    Macro Roundtable on China

    Published: February 26, 2016

    Hong Kong based hedge fund analysts Winston Chu, Pep So, and Perry Tan sat down with SumZero for a roundtable on the macroeconomics of China. This is part two of the SumZero China Macro series which began with Vladimir Yuzhakov’s exclusive SumZero memo

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    Hedge Fund Polls: Best Automaker, Best Sector

    Published: February 18, 2016


    After a rocky start to 2016, some members of the finance industry claim now is the time to put your buying goggles on. In that spirit, SumZero polled its 12,000 buyside members on which sectors and automakers are most undervalued at the moment.

    Thus far, the hard-hit energy sector appeals t...

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    Macro Forces Collide to Destroy LNG

    As both energy and equity prices tumbled this year, Tatiana Vasilyev, portfolio manager at Clio Capital in New York, was already uniquely positioned to take advantage of the situation via liquefied natural gas (LNG).

    After noticing the hype surrounding fracking and gas liquefaction technology,...

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    The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About China's Economy

    Published: February 12, 2016

    The Chinese New Year continues and with it a sense that the nation stands at a crossroads. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index is down nearly 25% in the past three months, hitting investors with the sobering reality of a heavy correction, but also the distinct possibility that significant buying op...

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    Barbies and Hot Wheels Aren't Going Anywhere

    Published: February 11, 2016


    Mattel Inc. (MAT) is one of the leading toy manufactures in the world. The company has fallen on hard times as sales of flagship brands such as Barbie and Fisher-Price have been declining. This is in addition to losing the rights next year to produce movie-themed toys for Disney films Princess an...

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    “Wii Would Like to Invest in Nintendo”

    Published: February 11, 2016

    Joshua Kennedy of Sonian Capital Management has earned an impressive 25% avg. total return across 14 ideas on SumZero. His latest thesis, a long on struggling game giant Nintendo (7974:JP), quickly captured a 98% peer-rating, and focuses on a market where Kennedy has demonstrated consistent analy...

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    Will the Fund Industry Support Bloomberg?

    Published: January 29, 2016

    SumZero polled its membership on the prospects of Bloomberg as president. The results suggest that fund professionals are enthusiastic about more than just their terminals; almost 70% of respondents indicated they would support Bloomberg for president.

    Last week Mr. Bloomberg, former mayor of ...

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    The SumZero Fund Compensation Report

    Published: January 29, 2016


    Bonus season is here, and SumZero has produced a comprehensive analysis of salary trends in the fund industry.

    SumZero maintains an internal, user ­driven compensation database. This database, which launched in 2012, now hosts over 3,500 unique compensation entries. The feature was designed t...

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    Meet the New Lower Margin, Lower Quality Chipotle

    Published: January 29, 2016

    Chipotle Mexican Grill was hit hard in late 2015 by an outbreak of foodborne illness cases traced back to its burrito eateries. Chipotle stock (CMG:US) saw a sudden end to its near decade long upward march since the company was spun off from McDonald's.

    SumZero member Nick Mazing, portfolio m...

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    Where Will Oil Prices Stop?

    Published: January 22, 2016


    The only thing more uncertain than the stock market these days is the crude market. We asked our buyside members where they think prices will bottom out in the near term.

    Oil has been on a volatility streak due to demand concerns from China and supply surpluses from North American shale fracki...

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    Do Funds Expect a Market Downturn?

    Published: January 15, 2016


    Amid a downwardly volatile market, everyone in finance has an opinion on what the future may hold. Is this another short term hiccup or the beginning of a much more serious correction?

    SumZero recently asked the 12,000 members of its professional investing community for their sentiments on the...

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    SumZero Top 25 US Colleges by Alumni Investment Performance

    Published: January 14, 2016


    At SumZero, we recently updated our analysis of over 8,500 individual stock recommendations that were posted on our research platform starting in 2009. These recommendations were initiated by members of our Buyside community, an authenticated group of roughly 12,000 analysts/PMs working at over 4...

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    The New "Big Short" on China Is On

    Published: December 17, 2015

    After years of government stimulus, China has finally begun to experience economic slowdown. While this is no secret to investors, Stanley Wang of Pareto Capital Management in Atlanta has identified “the Big Short” on the Chinese economy: Macau.

    Government stimulus yuan are flowing to wealthy...

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    70% of the Fund Industry Expects Near-Term Rate Hike

    Published: November 06, 2015


    SumZero recently asked members of its buyside community when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.

    According to our buyside community, the answer is "soon". 38% said a rate hike will occur this quarter (Q4 2015), 31% said the hike will come the quarter after that, while a 7% and 15% o...

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    Dow Chemical is the Fastest Appreciating Blue Chip Around

    Published: November 05, 2015

    While the world has balked at volatility in equity markets and oil, value investors have been reaping incredible dividends from even the largest and most liquid stocks. A.J. Noronha of Atlanta’s Desai Capital Management found such opportunity in Dow Chemical, the second largest chemical company i...

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    How Hertz Became the Perfect Contrarian Short in 2014

    Published: June 18, 2015

    “Buy low, sell high” is the jokingly obvious motto of investors, but for Tom Fogarty, CFA (formerly at Dreman Value Management) it was “sell high, buy low” with his 2014 short position on Hertz (NYSE: HTZ). Fogarty noticed a variety of company events going on with Hertz, including a CEO with sket...

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    SumZero Launches "China TMT & eCommerce" Research Challenge

    Published: May 29, 2015


    The SumZero team is traveling to Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, and Singapore during the month of June to introduce the research platform to top, Asia-focused funds and to expand the community's membership base in the region. We are pleased to kick off a broader series of sector/region-specific resear...

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