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  • How Hertz Became the Perfect Contrarian Short in 2014

    Published: June 18, 2015

    “Buy low, sell high” is the jokingly obvious motto of investors, but for Tom Fogarty, CFA (formerly at Dreman Value Management) it was “sell high, buy low” with his 2014 short position on Hertz (NYSE: HTZ). Fogarty noticed a variety of company events going on with Hertz, including a CEO with sket...

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  • SumZero Launches "China TMT & eCommerce" Research Challenge

    Published: May 29, 2015


    The SumZero team is traveling to Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, and Singapore during the month of June to introduce the research platform to top, Asia-focused funds and to expand the community's membership base in the region. We are pleased to kick off a broader series of sector/region-specific resear...

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  • T Mobile's Hidden Inflection Point Is Ignored by the Street

    Published: March 13, 2015

    The wireless space, in short, is very competitive, with low overall growth rates, and significant CapEx needs – upgrades to the system / spectrum purchases. Furthermore, over the past couple of years the industry has gone from effectively a dominant two player (T & VZ) market to a viable four pla...

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  • SumZero's Best of 2014 Research Report

    Published: January 06, 2015

    SumZero's Best of 2014, an annual report highlighting selected ideas submitted to the SumZero platform over the 2014 calendar year, is now available via the link below. This report features 17 exceptional pieces of research chosen from a pool of nearly 1,500 reports uploaded to the SumZe...

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  • SumZero 2015 Analyst Compensation Report Now Available

    Published: January 22, 2015


    As part of a broader mission to empower the fund professional, SumZero maintains an internal, user-driven compensation database. This database, which launched in 2012, now hosts over 2,600 unique compensation entries. The feature was designed to help verified buyside professionals understand more...

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  • Major Updates to "Tesla of China" Short Recommendation

    Published: December 19, 2014

    Karl Richter (Tectonic Investments) whose short recommendation on Kandi Technologies (KNDI:US) was a Finalist in our recent FactSet Best Short competition has provided the community with some timely updates on the pitch below. The stock is currently down 15% since his pitch and the recommendation...

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  • Activist Letter: Urgent Restructuring Needed at Ann Taylor

    Published: October 17, 2014

    Dear Independent Board Members:

    Engine Capital LP, together with its affiliates (“Engine”), and Red Alder LLC (“Red Alder”) collectively (“we”) own in excess of 1% of the outstanding shares of ANN, INC. (“ANN” or the “Company”). ANN represents a significant investment for Engine and Red Alder....

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  • Marchex Case Is a Prelude to Bigger Shorts to Come

    Published: October 02, 2014

    The winner of the FactSet Best Short contest will be announced on Friday, October 10th. As a warm-up to that announcement, we've posted this tremendous piece of short-focused research by Mohammed Saidal Mohmand (GrizzlyRock Capital). Given that the idea was less than $500mm in Market Cap, it was ...

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  • Will the Real Short on Let's Gowex Please Stand Up?

    Published: July 17, 2014

    Much has been made of Gotham City Research’s recent expose on Let’s Gowex (GOW:SM), a Spanish WiFi business that, by all accounts, appears to have been a complete fraud of a company. Since the piece was first published on Gotham’s site on July 1st, the company’s CEO admitted to at least some leve...

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  • Heavy Wal-Mart Pressure "Breaking" Family Dollar

    Published: April 24, 2014

    Family Dollar ("FDO") is experiencing deteriorating fundamentals due to a combination of a challenging macroeconomic backdrop for lower to middle income consumers and intense competition in the discount retailing segment.

    At the macro level, weak employment and real income growth for lower and...

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